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US companies

All in all, it proved to be a waste of time and money for Shanda Games. It’s not immediately clear what’s being done with the California Grapes International Inc brand, but perhaps China Food Services has some sort of plan that we aren’t privy to yet.

Media, events, and research company International Data Corp has focused on the technology industry since 1964 when it was founded by Patrick Joseph McGovern. The company owns several brands including PCWorld, InfoWorld, and ComputerWorld. In 2016, Eureka was sold once more to the Midea Group, who took over production of the products. According to the website, Midea prides itself on “humanizing technology”, bringing in a revenue of $40.5 billion in the last financial year. It’s unclear how much the China-based company spent on acquiring the business.

The company fell on hard times in 2014 when it was forced to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, but Chinese companies Sailing Capital and Sanpower came forward and bought it for $173 million. Thankfully, this purchase and a large injection of cash saved the company from going under completely. Alliance HealthCare Services have provided vital services in the sector for years, which probably made it more appealing to Fujian Thai Hot Investment in 2016. Alliance announced the new partnership after FTHI purchased a 51% stake in the company. What does a luxury broker of fine and decorative art and a life insurance company have in common?

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HNA are heavy hitters in the industry with several high profile travel brands already under its umbrella. As well as Spain’s NH Hotel Group, Azul airline, Swissport International, and Red Lion Hotels. At the start of 2019, Tencent invested $150 million into the site, but the details of the deal remain undisclosed. We don’t know exactly what percent the company got for their large cash injection, but the partnership helped Reddit’s value jump to $3 billion from a previous valuation of $1.8 billion.

  • Private schools can be a lucrative business enterprise as well as a great way to educate people.
  • Although the company has been a stakeholder for quite some time, they upped their stake in 2017 and injected a further $90 million.
  • When it comes to technology, we have a lot to thank Tesla for.
  • Many people may know E-Land Footwear USA as the owner of K-Swiss, but the company itself was sold to Xtep International in 2019.
  • Peer-to-peer lending company LendingClub is a leader in its field, but like any other big business, it’s had its ups and downs.

While moving the production out of New Hampshire would’ve been a sorry state of affairs for the local economy, it’s also an almost inevitable move. Production costs in China and overseas are much lower than they are in America, but let’s hope Segway stays true to its roots. FTHI seems to be on the same page as previous investors and is interested in pushing Alliance forward.

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For a more comprehensive list, see List of companies based in Oregon. For a more comprehensive list, see List of companies based in Oklahoma City and List of companies based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

US companies

The company’s 2,500 workers create semiconductors for the solar industry. Working at a molecular level, Enphase simplifies solar energy, making it effective and affordable. TheCHIPS for America Act is part of the current National Defense Authorization Act. It will provide $52 billion to research, design and make semiconductors in America. Depending on how its funds are used, the CHIPS for America Act may be the start of a national manufacturing policy. ​Below are the total count of the business records from each state after combining both databases.

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While that may be the case, Dearborn evolved and was bought by Hubei Huachangda Intelligent Equipment Co. After successfully purchasing AMC and testing the waters in the movie world, Dalian Wanda decided to up the ante in 2016 and purchase their very own movie studio. Legendary Entertainment Group signed over ownership to the investment group for a healthy $3.5 billion. In 2015, five years after its conception, Zulily gratefully accepted an offer by the Alibaba Group to purchase 4.8 million of its shares for around $56 million.

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The company first caught the eye of the Shanghai-based powerhouse with its agricultural pathogens. Boston Power moved production to China so that it could continue to work on batteries for electric cars. There is still a headquarters in Westborough, but all decisions are made in Beijing where the board members are located. The founder of the company left within a year of the deal being struck. The 10% stake would help Airbnb expand in other territories while also helping to support locations it already served. The investment didn’t stop the company from taking a hit during the 2020 pandemic though when it was forced to lay off 25% of its staff.

The most recent list is based on revenues from the fiscal year. CHIPS’ effect on the international semiconductor sector will change the state of imports and exports. The data shows that 20% of semiconductor manufacturers import raw materials, compared to only 11% of all manufacturers. Also, 75% of U.S. semiconductor manufacturers sell their product around the world, compared to only 29% of all manufacturers. In response to the shortage, this figure is 5.02% higher than last year. The market capitalization sometimes referred as Marketcap, is the value of a publicly listed company.

Largest American Companies By Market Capitalization

As the years have rolled by, the technology has become more and more advanced. Although it’s American reviews HQ is in Lexington, Kentucky, the company is actually owned by several Chinese companies.


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